Special Offers
Get Ready for Winter
Beat the winter time service rush.
Check Heating and Air Conditioning
Check cooling system
Check all vital fluids
Change oil and filter*
Check brakes*
Rotate tires
How about flushing Vital fluids.
Flush cooling system*
should be done every 30k miles or once a year
Flush transmission fluid*
should be done every 30k miles
Flush the power steering fluid*
should be one every 30k miles or as needed
Flush the brake fluid*
should be done once a year
Flush the fuel injection system*
Should be done every 15k miles
Any one for just $98.00
or all for just $375.00

*some special fluids extra. does not include synthetic fluid.
We proudly use Wynn's Products.
Check out the Wynn's web site for
more info. Just click on the Wynn's
icon and you will be there. We also
offer a warranty with all fluid flushes
with preform using the Wynn's
You can not beat that now can you.